Teach Words for Feelings for Boys

Teach Words for Feelings:
Tools for Helping Aggressive Boys in the Primary Grades

At the time they enter school, boys start to get messages about what it means to be a “big boy” and how bad it is to be a “baby,” a “wimp” or even a “little boy.” As a result, some boys become aggressive toward other children –a serious classroom problem. Teachers can use this as a teachable moment to help boys learn the words for feelings. Boys can learn about “caring power” as well as the power of friendship, the joy of active play and the rewards of working together to work out problems. To understand young boys better and be ready to use these teachable moments, teachers can take the workshop “Teach Words for Feelings”. Mapping the relationships in the classroom and in the aggressive boys’ lives, we understand them better and can reach them to help them say what they feel and become happier members of the group.

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