Teach Words for Feelings


For pre-k, k teachers and day care providers
Georgia Sassen, Ph. D, Presenter

Young children are just learning to play and learn together. They are just learning how to express their wishes to each other. Are you surprised to know that they can identify feelings and learn to express these to each other? They can. And this helps them learn to cooperate and do well in the classroom.

This interactive workshop provides pre-K and K teachers with tools for:

  • Building a relational environment: “teach words for feelings”
    Children can build the skill of working well together if we help them learn the words for feelings. Then “use your words” also means “tell your friend how you feel”. This builds conflict resolution skills and friendships.
  • Understanding your own behavior
    Understanding triggers, feelings and behavior (yours)
  • Thinking in RELATIONAL terms
    Revisioning your classroom as a web of relationships
  • Relational Mapping
    A visual technique for understanding your children and communicating with other teachers


Participants will:

  • Learn to foster children’s abilities to communicate about feelings
  • Understand how their own feelings drive their behavior towards children
  • Learn to edit this behavior: what to keep and what to stop
  • Learn how to make their class more connected
  • Learn to recover from disconnections and conflict
  • Experiment with visual tools for understanding their class
  • Communicate better with colleagues by using these tools

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