Workshops for Professionals, Parents, and Students

     Our trainings for parents, professionals, and college service-learning students focus on techniques to help youth to develop positive coping strategies and nurture growth-fostering relationships with others to serve as the foundation for building resilience.

     Our trainings include:

  • modalities for working preventively with groups of children
  • methods for bridging gaps across cultures and races
  • new perspectives focusing on relationships among families rather than pathologies
  • techniques for understanding complex family systems and the impact of wider social networks on them

BRIK’s trainings are:

  • Research-based.  Our work is based on Relational Cultural Theory research (Miller, et al, 1997).  
  • Culturally sensitive.  Our trainings provide methods for bridging gaps across cultures and races
  • Interactive. Participants have the opportunities to work in small groups on activities.
  • Customized. Trainings are customized to the needs of each program

Current Trainings for Professionals: Teachers, Social Workers, and Other Care Professionals

Current Programs for Parents

Current Trainings for College-Age Service-Learning Students  

Our trainings and programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your program or group.  For further information contact Georgia Sassen, Executive Director, at info@brikontheweb or at (978) 456-7366.