Our Mission

Mission Statement

Building Resilience in Kids (BRIK) is a small non-profit helping children who have been stressed by poverty and trauma. We help children directly and through their caregivers to build resilience. BRIK offers workshops and programs that allow children to express themselves creatively while building positive relationships with those around them.

Relationships, research shows, are what build resilience. A relationship with parents and other family members is most influential, but when these are strained or unavailable, children often look for their primary connections in school or after school with their peers.

To foster the relationships that build resilience, Building Resilience in Kids (BRIK) has been innovating workshops for the training of parents and professionals to work toward building resilience, as well as workshops that directly address kids and teens by working on creative activities in peer groups.

Based in the Boston area, BRIK seeks to support and contribute to the creative development of underserved children throughout Massachusetts.