Making Connections at School: A Program of Building Resilience in Kids

Increase Your “Relational Intelligence”!

Learn how relationships, in and out of the classroom, drive your students’ behavior and ability to learn. Find out how good connections hold children’s attention and make them more receptive to your message.

These are the goals of an interactive workshop where teachers learn how to help children have good relationships with each other, in class, and with you, their teacher. Learning from clinical psychologist Georgia Sassen, you will also understand more fully how children’s interactions with adults outside of school shape their development and their behavior towards others. You will learn classroom activities that help you understand children’s feelings about other children, even if their verbal abilities are just beginning to grow. Using art and drama, you will be able to help children express themselves better so they can move on to literacy and cooperative interaction. Teachers can present specific problems to be approached through the relational model of development. A series of follow-up sessions is optional. The first training is two and a half hours and carries 2.5 PDPs, and follow up sessions carry 2 PDPs each.

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