Drums and Poems

Building Connections and Literacy Skills through Drumming

  Drums and Poems helps children connect with each other, have fun, and build literacy skills through drumming and poetry. Drumming is central to many cultures, and pulls people together in jam sessions and celebrations around the world. It is noisy and engaging for all children. Drumming on found objects (pipes, pots, boxes.) is new and FUN. Neuropsychologists have shown that rhythm helps children self-regulate.

  Poetry, on the other hand, has great literacy-building potential but children see it as “school-like”. So we use DRUMMING AND JAMMING as a literacy-building tool. How do we connect drumming and poetry writing? Poems are based on rhythms. They add words instead of melody to a rhythm. So in our activity, children start with rhythm and find themselves building poems. Because they make communal poems, working together, they also build COOPERATION skills, and relationships.

  The program is run by a trained psychologist who is also a poet; drums are hand drums that are easy for children to use.

  The children can perform their poems and bring home printouts of the group’s poems – a take-home made by the group as a whole, building a sense of community.

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