Making Connections at School-A Program of Building Resilience in Kids to Increase Your “Relational Intelligence”–for Professionals

This interactive workshop provides teachers with tools for:

Building a relational environment: “teach words for feelings”

Children can build the skill of working well together if we help them learn the words for feelings. Then “use your words” also means “tell your friend how you feel”. This builds verbal communication and conflict resolution skills.

Understanding your own behavior

Triggers, feelings and behavior (yours and your students’)

  • What is a trigger?
  • Triggers lead to feelings
  • Feelings lead to behavior
  • What to do when these feelings arise: edit the behavior
  • How to REDIRECT this process to where you want it to go.

Understanding these interactions in RELATIONAL terms

  • Some key relational terms:
  • Connection
  • Disconnection
  • Moving from Disconnection to Connection
  • Specific things to do and say to reestablish connection with a child in your class.

Relational Mapping

  • Seeing your class as web of relationships by making a relational map of your classroom
  • Using your map to  support good behavior by strengthening positive connections
  • Communicating with colleagues by using relational maps

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Learn to foster children’s abilities to communicate about feelings
  • Understand how their own feelings drive their behavior towards children
  • Learn how to make their class more connected
  • Learn to recover from disconnections and conflict
  • Experiment with visual tools for understanding their class
  • Communicate better with colleagues by using these tools

The target audience is teachers (K-12) and child care and after-school program staff.  It can be offered for 6 to 16 hours over 3 to 8 sessions. A series of follow-up sessions is optional.

For more information, contact Georgia Sassen, Executive Director, at info@brikontheweb or (978) 456-7366.