BRIK, Building Resilience in Kids, is a small, lean non-profit helping children who have been stressed by poverty and trauma. We help children directly and through their caregivers to build resilience. But wait –

What Is Resilience? — Resilience is the ability to bounce back, to weather a storm. But what builds resilience in children and adolescents?

Relationships, research shows, are what build resilience. A relationship with parents and other family members is best, but when these are strained by immigration and poverty, children often look for connection at school or after school programs. In fact, teachers are often the people children who have survived abuse and trauma remember as the person who “got them through.”

To foster the relationships that build resilience, Building Resilience in Kids offers:

  • Making Connections at School: an innovative training for teachers and after-school workers based on research from the Stone Center at Wellesley and the Harvard Graduate School of Education work on girls’ development.
  • Art From the Heart: a program for middle school children who have difficulty getting along, and a curriculum and training on art from the heart for counselors.
  • Drums and Poems: a program to help children build relationships and literary skills through drumming and collaborative poetry
  • Girls on the Brink of Adolescence: a program for mothers of preadolescent girls
  • Kids on the Brink of Adolescence: a program for teachers and parents of middle school children