Building Resilience in Kids: Building the Village it Takes to Raise a Child

     Building Resilience in Kids (BRIK) is a small non-profit helping children directly and through their caregivers to build resilience. BRIK offers workshops and programs that allow children to express themselves creatively while building positive relationships with those around them.

     To foster the relationships that build resilience, Building Resilience in Kids (BRIK) has been innovating workshops for the training of parents and professionals to work toward building resilience, as well as workshops that directly address kids and teens by working on creative activities in peer groups.

      Since 2000, BRIK has provided programs and trainings to engage youth in grades 3-12 in building resilience through creative activities focused on strengthening connections with others. BRIK’s work is grounded in the Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT) stemming from the work of Jean Baker Miller, MD, and focuses on helping youth to create and maintain mutually growth-fostering relationships.

     An affiliate of Community Teamwork, Inc. and located in Eastern Massachusetts, BRIK offers ongoing programs to youth and adolescents, as well as workshops and trainings for parents, teachers,  social workers, and college-age students who volunteer with youth.

     Our programs for youth 3-12 focus on identifying positive relationships and supports, strengthening growth-fostering relationships with others, and developing positive communication and conflict-resolution skills.  Our programs have been designed specifically to consider the needs of at-risk youth. Our strategies are applicable to helping youth of all backgrounds and circumstances to identify and nurture positive relationships.

     Our trainings for parents, professionals, and college-age volunteers focus on techniques to help youth to develop positive coping strategies and nurture growth-fostering relationships with others, both of which serve as the foundation for building resilience.

     BRIK is a non-profit organization, with 501(c)(3) status through Community Teamwork, Inc.

     If you are interested in our programs, please contact us.

     Georgia Sassen, Ph.D., Executive Director 
     (978) 456-3545